Council fails to clear out unused cars

Cache Creek resident unhappy with the defeat of new wording for "unsightly premises" bylaw.

Dear editor

Some concerned citizens attended the March 26 Cache Creek council meeting  as we were hoping that amendments to the by-law governing old, unlicenced vehicles and unsightly premises would be passed to improve the appearance of our Village.

However, councillor McMurray objected to the term ‘unlicenced vehicles’ in the amendment. A vote was taken and passed as only councillors Hofer and Radcliffe objected. It should be noted that Mayor Ranta and councillor McMurray both have unlicenced vehicle/s on their property.

Why bother going to the expense and work of Communities in Bloom to make our Village more appealing in appearance when even the members of our council aren’t interested in cleaning up the community?

We were so disappointed in the self-serving decision of this council that if there is a way to fight this, please advise so we can do something to clean up this area.

Dorothy & Orest Maksymiw

Cache Creek