Council should re-think debt

A writer is concerned about the debt the Village of Ashcroft will be taking on for its new water treatment plant.

Dear Editor,

Council and the CAO of the Village of Ashcroft must be aware that debt stretched over a long period of time increases the costs substantially. The original value debases. Is this the debt this Council wishes to leave to the children and the grandchildren of the present taxpayers?

I don’t know where the heads of Council are collectively or individually, but they must surely have reason to pause and reflect on this issue, and hopefully rethink it.

Our Canadian government reported that debt in the country is growing exponentially. If every dollar spent costs $1.65 for families because of debt, how much more is to be considered because of the multi-million dollar debt Council is considering? The sad irony of it is, the water upgrade is unnecessary.

Esther Darlington