Desert Hills is an asset to our town

Dear Editor

There are many things I enjoy living in a small rural town.

A couple of these things are the people and the closeness to nature. My family and I have greatly enjoyed living near Desert Hills Ranch. We watch with anticipation as the fields are prepared, planted, watered and then harvested.  In the spring we fill our yards with the beautiful flowers from the Ranch. During the spring and summer, we walk down to the farm and chat with the animals (which incidentally we have secretly named). And in the summer and fall we enjoy the wholesome and tasty foods we can get just in our backyard.

I want to commend the Porter family and their staff for the outstanding work they do. They are responsible, environmentally conscious ranchers who provide a great product for us and others in this country. They provide employment for many and have made visiting the farm so fun for children and adults alike. Next time you benefit from our local Ranch, be sure to let the Porters and their staff know that you appreciate their contribution to making our town and world a better place.

Vicky Trill