Electronic attendance not enough

Elected representatives should live where they're elected.

Dear Editor

As a taxpayer and voter, it has bothered me for some time that some members of [Cache Creek] Council do not seem to take their position serious enough, in my opinion as well as many other constituents who are concerned about the direction the Village is taking, – quasi attending meetings via certain electronic devices from ‘wherever” they might be at that moment, on a regular basis.

On the front page of your last issue, I read that I am now represented from Pemberton, which prompted me to write this letter.

I suggest to anyone in public office, if you no longer have the time or ability (for whatever reason) to commit to the job that you have been elected to do, show some respect for the office that you hold and the people who elected you, have the courage to resign, and make room for a person who is willing to do that.

Hopefully, come November, we will be able to choose from a group of individuals dedicated to represent the voting public, people with a vested interest in Cache Creek and its future.

Herb Hofer

Cache Creek