Everyone wants the HST

Taxpayers, provinces want the HST

Dear Editor

Unbelievable! What world is Joyce living in? Presently today in Canada, there are over 18 million taxpayers in Canada paying hst in provinces that have the hst. Quebec is now negotiating with the federal government to bring in hst for September, 2011. The federal government will give Quebec 2.2 billion for adopting the hst system. That will add another 7 million taxpayers paying hst.

Next door in Alberta, the premier is retiring and all candidates running for the top job are all talking about bringing in pst. They want to bring pst in and combine it with the gst to have the hst.  They say it has to be done to remain competitive. Amazing, the richest province in all of Canada talking about new tax measures.

Here in BC, taxpayers get fooled by stooge called Bill VanderZalm who makes people go out into the street and protest like a third world nation. He has a petition signed by taxpayers protesting the hst tax. What a joke! Today over 18 million taxpayers paying the hst, with another 7 million to pay in September, his little 700,000 signature protest is no match to the millions of Canadians that are paying the hst. The other taxpayers in Canada just sit back, relax, pay the tax and laugh at BC taxpayers who go out into the streets like a third world nation, a province that has the lowest hst today in all of Canada, and maybe lower if the hst vote passes to keep the hst. Governments are all going to collect taxes in one form, shape, or another, but some governments are better than others. Maybe the hst ballot should read, “Do you want your province of BC to remain competitive? Yes? No? If a voting taxpayer said no, then they would have to have their head examined. Bill VanderZalm, Adrian Dix, and Jim SinClair, protesting for the return of the pst/gst is just going to take BC to the back benches in relation to the other Canadian provinces that have the hst. Joyce, the year is 2011, live with the facts.

When voting on the hst ballot, two items to think about. 1. Competitive 2. All governments are going to collect taxes in one form, shape, or another. Voting to what the three stooges above say, “it was the way the hst was brought in” is strictly immature. The taxpayer is now in control of this tax question. At the end, the result is final, and government regardless of party, will abide by the decision. In summary, why no public outcry from the other Canadian provinces that pay hst. Only in BC they say!  A Joke!

Joe Sawchuk