Garbage cuts hurt taxpayers

Dear Editor

Regarding the situation with the TNRD: Using underhanded tactics with the taxpayers of Loon Lake and the closure of our transfer station for wood waste, without a meeting or attempt to consult with the taxpayers of this area…

We are a Tourist area, with many summer residents, making it difficult for disposal of burning material, which will be burned on properties or disposed of in our wooded areas.

Living in an area that has been infested with Pine Beetle. It is a fire hazard to begin with.

Average payment on our taxes is upward of $600 to the TNRD for no services, except for Bookmobile and the Transfer Station for garbage. TNRD has given themselves an increase of $5,000 per year per director. Something doesn’t jive. Seems the increase is on the backs of Rural taxpayer, who are losing their benefits.

Anita Donovan

Loon Lake