Former Ashcroft grads reunite in the Elementary School library. From left: Roberta McLellan

Former Ashcroft grads reunite in the Elementary School library. From left: Roberta McLellan

Grads reunite for a weekend of fun

A grad class gets back in the saddle for a reunion at Rodeo weekend

We, the past attendees of Ashcroft Elementary and Secondary Schools, came home for a visit over the Rodeo weekend. You may have seen us here and there, stirring up dust as we always did, seeking out all the familiar spots that we used to frequent. We would like to extend a very appreciative “Thank you!” to a few of the people who made this reunion possible and extra special!

Thank you to all those who made the journey. It was fantastic to see you and your families, and it was great to catch up! Next time, let’s not wait 25 years, okay?

Thank you to the staff at the Village, who helped us with our permit/insurance and made it possible for us to host a potluck dinner on Saturday evening at the pool park. Please come and join us next year – we’ll save a burger or two for you.

Thank you to Sharla DuBroy of the Ashcroft and District Rodeo Association for helping us with the advance purchase of rodeo dance tickets. We all had an amazing time!

Thank you to the staff of both the Elementary School and the High School, for giving up your time on Saturday to allow us one more chance to roam the hallways. We really appreciated the chance to reminisce about our younger days and times gone by. A special thank you to all the teachers who made it out to the potluck dinner: Mrs. Russell-Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Krider, Ms McLean, Miss Lang, Mr. Baldwin, Mr. Rittinger, and Mr. West. You helped shape us into the people we are today and we appreciate that. It is always a pleasure to see you and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Last but not least, thanks to Roberta McLellan for her organizing talents and to Brian Vandrishe for his mad BBQing skills. The weekend wouldn’t have been the same without either of you!

We are hoping to do this again next year, and possibly have it become a regular homecoming event. We hope to see you all there next time!

Amanda West