Harsh punishment needed for animal cruelty convictions

Author urges writing to MLA to see harsher punishments mete out for animal cruelty.

Dear Editor

I am writing this letter to address an article on Global News last week: It showed a male kicking and choking a dog in an elevator in Vancouver.

I, for one, cannot stand to watch a helpless animal being abused or mistreated. What kind of human could do this to an innocent animal (calling him a human is a stretch). The poor dog was cowering in the corner as the man repeatedly kicked the poor thing.

The dog was rescued by the SPCA and hopefully will eventually will be placed in a good home. But what bothers me most is that, although the owner has been charged, will he receive a proper punishment or will he be let off with only a slap on the wrist?

The law is there for proper punishment and I for one would like to see a lot stiffer sentence handed down than is usually given these sick individuals. I have written a letter to our MLA Jackie Tegart at P.O. Box 279 in Ashcroft to see if there is anything more that can be done in her position in government, and I urge all other people who feel the way I do or are pet owners to write her also.

Maybe with enough ammunition, she can get the government to look into this matter and make sure that these people who willingly abuse their animals receive the punishment they so rightly deserve.

Darrell Rawcliffe

Cache Creek