Having trouble with the law?

Ashcroft resident wants to hear from others

Dear editor

I am searching for information regarding the conduct of members of the RCMP Detachment of Ashcroft, BC.

I have had several problems with some members of this detachment in the past and they are ongoing. The first incident involved a member of this detachment coming to my house and verbally abusing me by calling me very dirty and despicable names. The conduct of this Officer was not provoked by me and completely uncalled for. I laid a charge of misconduct against him and he agreed with the charge and signed the said document, admitting his unprofessional conduct against me. He had also stated that he would do nothing more for me and walked away. He kept true to his word and did just that when he was called on other matters. One in particular was a trespassing, theft and possession charge that I had reported and that he responded to. He stood there and watched this individual that I complained about, remove articles belonging to me, from his property and place them back on my property and then refused to charge this individual. I feel his actions on this matter were totally wrong and charges should have been laid, as, in my opinion, theft is theft, regardless of the value and trespassing and possession of stolen goods is a criminal offense and charges should have been laid. By not laying the appropriate charges, I am wondering if that only pertains to who you are in this community This is only one of several experiences that I have had here in Ashcroft. I have had problems with another Officer recently and intend to address all my issues with the Police Commission and through the Courts on these matters. We also intend to proceed in filing a Civil Law Suite against ALL those involved in the disruptions in our lives to date. The reason for this letter is that I am trying to gather information from anyone else in this area that is under the jurisdiction of the Ashcroft RCMP that may also have had similar or other problems with any member of this detachment, that have been placed on file or that have not been placed on file, from the past to the present. I would like to find out if I am the only resident in this area that has experienced this treatment by certain members of the Ashcroft RCMP or if there are other incidents. If anyone in this area feels that their frights have been violated, I would appreciate very much that you let me know about your experience. You can do this by writing and placing your information in letter form, stating the experience you had along with your name and phone number, and I will get back to you. Please drop this information in P.O. Box 933 at the Ashcroft Post Office.

Please do not feel afraid to voice your experience on this matter. You have the right to be protected and not abused by anyone, especially by the police. I am a senior and a veteran of this country and I am not afraid to speak out when my rights are violated and no one else should either.

Don Burns