THE SMELL OF FRESH PINE when it’s still on the pine tree.

THE SMELL OF FRESH PINE when it’s still on the pine tree.

Heading into 2016 with a smile

Believe it or not, informal indicators around the region are pointing to a good year for 2016.

We approach 2016 with some cautious optimism for our communities. It’s only a gut feeling at this point, but our population decline in all things seems to be steadying off, poised for a slight rise. And business inquiries are also on the rise.

The Ashcroft Terminal is slowly expanding, and Cache Creek is looking forward to a new future in landfilling once the Operational Certificate is granted for the Extension. We’ve been through a lot in recent years – it’s time for some positive news!

Last year in this column, I wrote: “There’s something about the bad that brings us closer together, though. Go figure.” And well the people in Cache Creek know how that works when family, neighbours, neighbouring communities and complete strangers came to help them dig out from the mud and muck of the flood!

I am eternally grateful to those of you who have submitted articles for print this year. I rely on my regular, unpaid contributors like Loon Lake columnist Barbara Hendricks and Spences Bridge columnist Mavourneen Varcoe-Ryan, entertainment columnist Nadine Davenport and fitness columnists Vicky Trill and Wayne Little to be there for me – and you – with their interesting columns full of community news and ways to keep us on our toes and active.

Andrea Walker, Phyllis Gray, Joyce West, Zee Chevalier, Esther Lang and Alice Durksen keep us up to date on their groups,  and their activities; Maria Russell Martin keeps the tennis news coming, and Diana Hoggard is our “go to” for minor hockey.

And thank you to everyone who has agreed to let me interview them in the past year, or who hasn’t tried to run away from my camera as soon as I pull it out!!!

We also appreciate the time given us by the Ashcroft RCMP: once a week they review their files for us. Thank you also to the  staff at the Village Offices for all of the help  they provide whenever I need it – and even times when I unexpectedly don’t need it.

There are so many more who I could list, but there’s only room for one more – you, our reader. We appreciate you more than you could imagine. So please accept our best wishes to you for a safe, happy and healthy 2016.

Wendy Coomber is editor of the Ashcroft-Cache Creek Journal