Health care situation is causing long time residents to leave

Author commends Ken Platz for keeping up the health care protest.

Dear Editor

I have been following the health care issue for at least two years now and was pleased to see it had made the front page of The Journal.

Recently a very good friend of mine for almost 20 years decided because of this issue that they must sell their house and move to Kamloops. As he has been a great friend and a fishing partner, I know he and his wife will be missed in Ashcroft.

I must commend Ken Platz on his dedication and the time he has spent trying to get the point across to our MLA. I noticed as I read the article that the RCMP had been called three times to have him removed. Removed from doing what? Legally protesting as is his right in a democratic society. Whoever called the RCMP should be ashamed of themselves. I could not believe it when I read a few weeks ago an article telling him he should be spending his time differently. Whose right is it to tell Ken or anyone else how to spend their time? Sadly it seems some people feel that their position gives them that right, not so I say!

We are all citizens of this Country and we all have the right to freely voice our opinions and to protest against what we feel is wrong. Ken and the others who have been protesting our lack of doctors have the right to do so. I must commend him for spending his time in the pursuit of something that he feels so strongly about.

Bernt Fuglestveit

Cache Creek