Heartfelt thanks for kindnesses

Ashcroft resident thanks everyone who has helped him and his family.

To the Editor,

I have never been good with the written word, and lately even conversing can be very emotional.

A few months ago I was looking forward to retirement, as most people do: fishing, camping, even some gardening. Then I was diagnosed with Multiple Myloma. It’s a cancer of the bone marrow, and blood, that allows the white blood cells to grow rampant and interferes with normal cell development.

I have been reduced to a shell of of my former self, barely able to climb a set of stairs, unable to lift anything of any size. I can’t even start our lawn mower.

Phone calls, cards, prayers, visits from friends, clients, co-workers, and neighbours, all offering encouragement and help, have been a huge inspiration. “Just call,” we were told, “we are here to help.” Without the generosity and encouragement of all these people, our daughter’s recent wedding could not have been the gala event it was!

Our house is sporting a complete new paint job; there’s been a wonderful facelift to our patio; and new gates ensure our puppies are secure. This is all very much due to a couple who, until two months ago, were no more than a casual “Hello, how are you” as they passed each evening on their walk.

This couple have become very dear and treasured friends to us. Many hours of work were spent helping Sandra paint, and just doing whatever repairs were deemed needed.

People from Lytton, Ashcroft, and Cache Creek have again proven that small town B.C. cares about its friends and neighbours.

I am proud to have raised our family here, and I can’t see us going anywhere else anytime soon.

I write this from my hospital bed in Vancouver, where I will be for the next five weeks or so, but I know that my wife is safe and only a phone call from help should she need it.

I have tried for some time to find what I feel would be appropriate words of gratitude and appreciation but they escape me.

A simple THANK YOU will have to do, and may God bless everyone of you.

Lee and Sandra Desmarais