Herbicide use full of hazards

Author supports banning the use of cosmetic pesticides in Ashcroft.

Dear Editor

I agree with Karla Cummins in her letter posted on June 19 – the herbicides sprayed on the sides of the roads are disconcerting.

I have children that play near those areas and they pick grass for their guinea pigs from those areas during the growing season.

To watch the grass turn brown and dry after the spraying does not improve the sides of the roads esthetically, nor is it good for the environment. Ironically, within a month, those same weeds are there again. So what is the point?

Last year Nancy Morris spent time meeting with the Village of Ashcroft councillors to try to get them to change their policies, to no avail.

Now that Ashcroft’s official slogan is “Wellness Awaits You”, perhaps it is time to revisit the practice of spraying poison on public land. I for one, would prefer to live in an environmental, albeit weedy town.

On a lighter note, I find the column “Living Well” very inspiring. The June 19 article by Vicky Trill particularly moved me and I am very happy with The Journal for including these articles in the paper.

Denise Tapia