Imported hospital food awful

Should be prepared on site.

Dear Editor

I am writing about the terrible food served to patients at the Ashcroft Health Site. The food is anything but healthy!

I visited a friend there at supper time and we sat in the dining room, where several other patients were eating. They were served a disgusting looking mixture of what looked like scalloped potatoes, grey looking corn and what looked like ground meat. This mess didn’t look or smell appealing. Every patient in the dining room sent most of the meal back. This is a far cry from the days before 2003 when they had a kitchen. My husband was there, then, and the meals were very good. I stayed right in the room with him, and for a small charge, I ate there, too. It would be nice if this could happen again. Would it cost any more than paying truck drivers to haul all this food from a central location? They still have to pay staff at the hospitals to serve meals. I think we should all raise hell about this!

Write to The Minister of Health, Michael de Jong, Room 337, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, BC V8V 1X4. You can also phone his office at 1-250-953-3547.

Pat Baker