Incineration doesn’t encourage the 3 Rs

The writer views the arguments over whether the Burnaby incinerator can produce "green energy" as laughable.

Dear Editor

Re: Incinerator power deal gets B.C.U.C. go ahead, Aug. 7.

Metro Vancouver has obviously missed the point. It’s not about who can produce the least amount of air pollution as you would have your spin put it. The problem is, why are you still producing and using product that produces garbage?

Obviously, my very good friend Andrew Weaver, has to agree with science, because that’s what he is – a Scientist. What you are neglecting to put into the equation, is why are you producing garbage for in the first place? If you had any respect for the environment whatsoever, you would quit producing and using product that is not reusable or recyclable in the first place. If you stopped doing that, we would cut down our green house gas emissions considerably. But of course you would not do that because it’s all about money!

Why do you have to burn plastic for to begin with? Because you are too lazy and stingy to do the right thing and recycle it.

This is why we have eternal wastelands, like Cache Creek and Ashcroft. What’s one per cent of pollution to you? We are the ones who have to breath it.

If you can’t reuse it or recycle it, then don’t use that product to begin with.

Are your pension plans worth more than your grandchildren?

Greenest city on earth, my ass!

Art Green