Join the Cadets’ vigil next year

Dear Editor

On May 1, the Legion and the Sea Cadets, 347 RCSCC Avengers, held a service at our Cenotaph to commemorate the Battle of the Atlantic. That battle was a significant event in Canadian history. The Sea Cadets are an amazing group of young people and they have had and have now, gifted leaders.

These young people take part in all the Remembrance Day Services. They do the carting and carrying of wreaths and chairs, bringing them out from the Legion and returning everything to its proper place. They do it ably, cheerfully and well.

They served the meals at the dinner put on by the Legion, Rotary and United Church to promote the cleaning up of land mines.

They learn our history and help keep it alive; they collected for cancer; they have learned the value of service.

It was sad to see so few people at the Cenotaph last Sunday — a few Legion members, a Veteran, a handful of proud parents and our Mayor.

Next year, maybe more people will come out to watch and admire these young people as they honour those lost in that most historic event in our history.

Lois Petty,

Legion Chaplain