Kudos to Ashcroft for burning ban

Author is thrilled with burning ban; hopes for a train whistle ban next.

To the Village Council: I just wanted to let you know how delighted I was to read that you have taken action so quickly regarding  the backyard burning ban. Many Ashcroft lungs will be breathing deeply next Spring.

Now if we could only get the train whistles to be quiet. The trains will continue to go through our village but maybe a little more quietly.

Transport Canada has told me that many communities across the nation have implemented a train whistle ban. There is a process and he urged me not to become discouraged. We have to want this and make it a priority.

Just think how many less grumpy people there would be in Ashcroft because we are enjoying a full night’s sleep. I think of the little boy in kindergarten who told me as we were reading a book about trains how the whistles wake him all the time. I am sure he and I are not the only ones. Research is constantly popping up now on how important sleep is to one’s health.

One step at a time and just, maybe, Ashcroft could be proud of its “new” brand “Wellness Awaits You.”

Maria Russell Martin