Landfill looks like a dump these days

Author says the messy litter all around the Cache Creek Landfill is a real shame.

Dear Editor

I’ve bit my tongue for so long, I’ve bit it almost through;

I would rather hand out roses, Than throw a bunch of thorns.

When we first came to the area a few years ago, part of our job was garbage pick up. No big deal. It is a job that comes with our job. Taking it to the dump was easy. It’s free too! A blessing for so many of us. It was clean for a dump but it isn’t anymore.

We see pictures of wildlife with plastics of different kinds wrapped around the body or stuck in some fashion on them. Disabling them to the point of starvation or deformities. Sad to see.

With the winds we have been having there has been an abundance of litter blowing around. You look up towards the dump and you can see it in the trees, hanging on the sagebrush, etc. In places it shouldn’t be. If you have to go right up to the dump site, it is far worse! It is down right disgusting. Has everything been “budget cut” so much that this has to happen? Why was it clean before and so bad now? Is there not a clean up crew?

M. Davis