Leave minor matters out of Police Report

Writer would like The Journal to leave incidents involving minors out of the weekly police report.

Dear Editor

I often find the police report section in the Ashcroft Journal disrespectful and inconsiderate to the youth and families in our local area. Sure, it may be important to know when break-ins are on the rise, or when there are threats to our safety, or numerous traffic accidents, but I do not support the reporting of minor family difficulties in the local police report column. What is the purpose of including these stories?

Often it appears as if The Journal is turning unfortunate family situations into entertainment. I often feel concerned for the privacy of the family involved especially when it involves our local youth. Having these difficulties reported in the local paper for all to see hurts the family or youth at an already difficult time.

I have noticed that the ages of the family members have not appeared recently which is a small improvement and makes it slightly harder to recognize who the family involved may be. But this is not enough. I hope that The Journal will consider using a higher degree of respect when choosing what to include in the Police Report. I also strongly request that our local RCMP detachment refrain from reporting to the media on minor family matters and difficulties, particularly those involving youth.

Carmen B. Ranta

Cache Creek