Let common sense be your guide

Apparently one of The JournalÕs ads caused a stir among our readers last week – more than anything on the front page did.

See, people do read The Journal. But we already knew that. It’s just that, sometimes they only read the first few words and then go off half-cocked, armed with too little information.

It would have been a fine April Fool’s joke, except that Apr. 1 was already past.

The ad in question: “The Journal is closing for Good Friday….”

Some people didn’t read past the line break after “Good” and “the news” spread through the community – “Did you know that The Journal was closing for good on Apr. 22?”

We had a good chuckle here in the office after people began asking us if we were job hunting now.

I would hope that when the time comes – and let’s face it, nothing lasts forever – for The Journal to close its doors, its readers will hear the news long before they read it in an ad.

And while we’re on the topic of reacting before common sense kicks in, we’ve been hearing about a telephone scam where the caller claims that the homeowner’s computer has a virus and they instruct the owner to change the settings on their computer to allow them access “to clean it up.”

In reality, once they have access to the computer, they install a program to slow the computer down and then ask the owner for credit or debit card information to pay for  fixing it.

It’s gone through Kamloops and Clinton lately, and Aaron Bewza tells us that now Ashcroft and Cache Creek residents are getting calls.

No one is monitoring your computer. No one, no company will call you out of the blue to offer assistance. Just like no one will legitimately call you to tell you that you’ve won a million bucks – just send $500 to confirm and it’s yours!

Don’t believe everything you hear – certainly not from strangers. And don’t give them money.

Wendy Coomber is editor of The Ashcroft-Cache Creek Journal