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Letters to the Editor

Readers write about Christmas kindness and the supply of water to the Ashcroft Band

Dear Editor,

I’d been aware of rumour and the odd slip of a tongue that the village water supply may be tied in with the Ashcroft Indian Band. If so, this is a major project. It poses questions that beg for answers. It’s not as if Ashcroft IB would be taking water from a well, as in Biblical times. There’s another reservoir to be built in Ashcroft, and presumably there’ll be enough water there to supply our neighbours across the river with much needed water.

If an agreement with the AIB is arranged to supply their community with water, the first question that comes to mind is financial. Who will pay? And how much? And how will the whole arrangement between our village and the AIB be made public? We want to know what is going on.

This is a major project. It’s not as if it’s a simple matter of piping water from our reservoir to the community across the river, like we piped water in the old days. It’s news that comes with a whole bunch of questions. The how and the who are just two that come to mind. Is it just a matter of trucks from AIB filling some bottles from our reservoir? If it’s a pipe system later, the main question is ‘Who will pay?’

I leave the engineering plan to those who know the business. In any event, the whole idea is ls loaded with questions that beg for answers.

Esther Darlington

Ashcroft, B.C.

Dear Editor,

The other evening I got a call from Mel Murray at the Ashcroft Legion. She asked me what I was doing for Christmas. Because my family is spread out – Salmon Arm, Golden, Powell River – I told her I’d be staying home.

She said that the Legion had been donated two turkeys and all the fixings, and she and Jan Mazerall would be cooking dinner for 20 people who live alone, and would I like a dinner? They will deliver it, and Burt Mazerall will sing a carol at the door.

Small town Ashcroft – there are always people in town who are caring and thoughtful. Thank you Mel, Jan, and Burt and the generous people who donated the food. I will remember Christmas 2020 and your kindness.

Vivian Edwards

Ashcroft, B.C.


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Letters to the editor