Damage to Highway 8 east of Spences Bridge. (Photo credit: Steve Rice)

Damage to Highway 8 east of Spences Bridge. (Photo credit: Steve Rice)

Letters to the Editor

Readers write about recent flooding on Highway 8 and kindness after being evacuated

Dear Editor,

Re: your editorial in the Nov. 25 issue (“Getting it done on Highway 1”): I’m not sure who described the rainstorms and flooding of Nov. 14–16 as a “1 in 50 year event”, but I for one would like to quiz them on how they came to this description.

Do we have rainfall records shattered every 50 years? Do we have river levels double their previous all-time record every 50 years? Does the Kettle Valley Rail bed or Highway 8 get washed out every 50 years? I think not.

Jim Ryan

Spences Bridge, B.C.

Dear Editor,

My husband and I were evacuated from Merritt early in the morning of Nov. 15 due to floods. We came to Ashcroft in our motorhome and were allowed to stay at Legacy Park. We are hoping to return home Dec. 5.

We will have been in Ashcroft for three weeks and have received nothing but kindness and encouragement from everyone we have met. We have patronized many of your businesses and restaurants, the Christmas sale at the Village office, and will be attending the Christmas parade and Christmas market this weekend.

Ashcroft is a wonderful place and we cannot thank your village and citizens enough for your kindness, helpfulness, friendly smiles, and support that you have given us in abundance.

Many thanks to all of you.

Jerry and Judy Fassbender

Merritt, B.C.


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Letters to the editor