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Letters to the Editor

A reader writes with hearty thanks to the Ashcroft and District Health Care Auxiliary
Grumpy, one of the Better at Home Friendly Visitors, says thank you to the Ashcroft and District Health Care Auxiliary while Hunnee looks on. (Photo credit: Nancy Kendall)

Dear Editor,

On behalf of our clients enrolled in the Ashcroft-Cache Creek Better at Home program and my lead organization, Interior Community Services (Kamloops) — and our Friendly Visitors Grumpy and Hunnee — I want to thank the members of the Ashcroft and District Health Care Auxiliary so very much for their recent generous donation.

The Auxiliary has helped so many of our local non-profit groups with donations over the years, and ensures the funds help our community. I am pleased that they recognize and support Better at Home each year. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

Better at Home is currently serving just over 50 seniors in Ashcroft and Cache Creek, and last year we were able to expand our housekeeping services into Clinton. In the last year (January 2021 to January 2022) we have been able to serve in the following ways:

- Friendly Visits to 38 clients (325 service moments);

- Snow shoveling to 16 clients (177 service moments);

- Yard work to nine clients (103 service moments);

- Grocery assists to 10 clients (41 service moments); and

- Housekeeping to 61 clients (1,122 service moments).

With the donation from the Auxiliary we can help even more clients continue to live independently in their own homes.

I hope this letter inspires a few more people to volunteer for the Ashcroft and District Health Care Auxiliary. It is needed in our community so all programs can benefit from these donations.

Nancy Kendall

Better at Home

Program Coordinator

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