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A reader writes about the need for high-speed internet in Ashcroft

Dear Editor,

The article regarding optic service going into Clinton and the efforts of their council to make this happen was very interesting. I sincerely hope that Ashcroft council is as diligent working to get fibre optic service in Ashcroft soon.

I recently bought a smart TV and then found out I could not get Netflix because our internet speed is so slow. After several phone calls with TELUS I received a new modem, which made the service a little bit better.

One of the phone calls to TELUSs was with a very informative technician who happened to be in Saskatchewan. He told me that our internet speed in Ashcroft, which is six, is what was first provided for people 20 years ago. Now, in his small town, he gets 200 internet speed and you can get as high as 400. We get six.

When is Ashcroft going to join the 21st century? If Clinton can get faster internet service, so can we. We need it as much as they do. We have people moving here from the Lower Mainland who are working out of their homes and need fast internet. We have businesses that need fast service.

And don’t get me wrong: I’m happy for Clinton. I want to be happy for Ashcroft, too.

Vivian Edwards

Ashcroft, B.C.

Editor’s note: At its Nov. 14 meeting, Ashcroft council voted to write a letter of support for a TELUS application to the Connecting Communities BC program to bring the PureFibre network to approxmately 600 premises in the Village of Ashcroft.


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Letter to the Editor