Letters to the editor

Thank you to some kind souls, a vote for the dog park, and a query about where's the wellness.

The kindness of strangers

Dear Editor,

In July my husband and I were on our holidays and stopped at Cache Creek. We noticed a problem with our camper not charging. We were directed to Kal Tire to see if they could help. The three young fellows working there were very helpful, checking everything that could be causing the problem. It turned out nothing was seriously wrong, just a wire in the wrong place. Thank you very much, guys, for your professional help.

Carl and Del Augustine

Hope, BC

Few signs of wellness in village

Dear Editor,

I live in Victoria, BC and regularly drive to Kamloops via Hwy. 1 to visit my daughter.

When recently driving through I could not help but notice your “Wellness Awaits You” signs with the coloured graffiti beneath. The signs are distracting and prominent to any wary motorist. Seeing these signs, I decided to detour into Ashcroft to investigate and look for a spa or a gym or something similar to treat my daughter and myself to.

I could find none of the facilities, only a pub and some garbage bins painted with the blobs. Perhaps someone could write to inform me where all the “wellness” facilities are in your Village.

I would like to know exactly what “wellness awaits you” means and what the blobs represent. Surely any advertising or promotion that requires explanation is a waste of money.

As well as being a misrepresentation, I expect that this project cost the unsuspecting taxpayers of Ashcroft dearly. I noticed that it had been applied to your recycle depot and am wondering if there is a subliminal message here.

On leaving Ashcroft for Kamloops, I noted the sign in the driveway of your local hospital stating that the emergency department was closed! Hardly a harbinger of wellness.

I find your “wellness awaits you” signs misleading, and a false representation of what you have to offer. I am considering writing to the Province newspaper regarding this matter so that other motorists and tourists are not lured down into Ashcroft to have their time wasted.

By the way, what happened to the old “Historic Ashcroft”?

Susan Allam

North Saanich, BC

Dog park would be good for people too

Dear Editor,

I am writing in support of the idea of establishing a dog park in Ashcroft. I have gone door knocking in the past for different reasons, and it is amazing how many people in town have dogs.

I live across from the park on Government St. and there seems to be a lot of area that isn’t used which would be wonderful for our four-legged friends.

Dogs like to socialize, and it is good for them to be around other dogs.

I believe that a dog park would fit in very well with Ashcroft’s wellness theme, as having a place to take our dogs would encourage we dog owners to take our dogs out more often, therefore getting us out and exercising, too.   When I’m visiting another town, I always look for a dog park, and there usually is one.

I would like to see the Village come up with a budget for fencing off an area at the park. I see that as the biggest expense, as the grass and water are already there. Let the community know what it would cost. Who knows – maybe some of the money could come from other sources.

Vivian Edwards and Joey,