Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Readers write about health care and wellness issues

Dear Editor,

Kudos to Sheila Corneille and the Healthcare and Wellness team for working so hard to keep our health services in the community (“Petition about local health care garners nearly 2,000 signatures”, the Journal, June 27, 2019).

The petitions which had to be thoroughly checked over, the volunteers who had the petitions out there for people to sign: the evidence of concern must surely affect the hearts and minds of those responsible for maintaining sufficient medical resources in small communities like ours.

This isn’t the first time Ashcroft, Cache Creek, and rural communities have had to fight to keep what their communities need. The centralization of medical resources in the past 25 years or longer has seen the abandonment of buildings and medical equipment that cost their communities millions of dollars. To see it all dismantled, decade after decade, has been heart-sinking. What have we achieved, then, in the name of progress?

If ever there was a time for our elected representatives to step forward to work to help the communities retain what little is left of our former “hospital”, it is now. If we lose our hospital, we lose our pharmacy, our doctors; we lose everything. It isn’t just the ER we are fighting to keep. It is the medical resources that are essential for a healthy community.

Esther Darlington

Ashcroft, B.C.

Dear Editor,

June 19, 2019 was a momentous, historical day in Ashcroft for the local TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) club. They celebrated 50 years of continuous service to the community. Our local MLA, Ashcroft mayor, TOPS dignitaries, and local chapters were in attendance. Visitors from the Clinton chapter joined us in the festivities, and a great deal of pictures were taken by many.

Ashcroft boasts the branding of Wellness, and this was definitely a historical event (our mayor, and editor of the Journal, enjoys historical events). We are deeply disappointed and disillusioned that not one word has been mentioned in the Journal.

We are very sad that we have been ignored on a few fronts: vibrant group encouraging healthy living and wellness, community support, and caring for our community. Our MLA, mayor, TOPS dignitaries, and local chapters were celebrating this historical event of 50 continuous years of service in Ashcroft supporting locals in leading a healthier lifestyle, but unfortunately it can’t compete with day camps, reading classes, etc.

Marilyn Neil

TOPS B.C. 0764

Editor’s note: Due to emergent and/or time sensitive stories, space limitations, article length, and other considerations, some stories and/or pictures need to be held over for a future issue. An account of the Ashcroft TOPS chapter’s 50th anniversary celebration, and the history of the club, is on page 6 of this week’s Journal.


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