Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

A reader writes to say that health care needs to remain public, not private

Dear Editor,

Dr. Brian Day is challenging the entire health care system, he says, so that all patients can have more private options for health care.

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As a patient who has been well served by our public health care system, I don’t want more private options. Not when that means care is delivered faster to those who can pay more for it. Not when it means that precious resources like doctors, nurses, and technicians are siphoned off to a private system. Not when it means the quality of public health care declines.

It is interesting that Dr. Day claims to be advocating for all, when if he gets his way, he’ll be free to make a lot more money. I will be watching the outcome of this trial, and hope that the justice system stands by Canadians and maintains the laws we have in place to keep our public health care system public.

This is just not acceptable. It really separates the wealthy from the rest of us, of which we are the majority.

Barbara Nasadyk

Ashcroft, B.C.


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