Letters to the Editor: Do we need more trash?

Letters to the Editor: Do we need more trash?

A reader writes to wonder why we need more garbage, when we live in such a beautiful area

Dear Editor,

It was heartening to know that Mayor Santo Talarico believes the need for collaboration with other municipal communities is important for the development of the area (“Cache Creek mayor Santo Talarico stresses need for collaboration”, The Journal, Dec. 13). Collaboration has been an issue largely unspoken publicly or written about for thirty years. But it has been on peoples’ minds. On the other hand, the goals of our two communities, Cache Creek and Ashcroft, may not be the same.

For example, Talarico mentions the need to attract more garbage. Here we are, wrestling regionally with the compelling need to recycle the garbage we are already dealing with, both municipally and regionally. The TNRD is dealing with a problem that is really monumental. It’s good their attitude is positive. The disposal of recyclables at the current site is clearly a bummer and they know it. Finding another is not that easy, apparently.

China is no longer taking contaminated recycled material, which poses a problem for the whole province, not just Cache Creek and Ashcroft. Talking about bringing more garbage into the area is not only counterproductive, it is adding to the problems that already exist.

My God! Look around you, Cache Creekers! You are sitting on one of the most dramatic and beautiful sites in B.C.; sites that have attracted scores of Geology and Anthropology students and their professors for years. The very hills around us reveal the tectonic history of this inter-mountain terrain.

Further, two creeks and a river bisect the surrounding countryside. There are areas within the village for walks that tourists could enjoy almost everywhere you look. But who is looking? Many a motel-staying couple or family would enjoy to walk outside the main highway area of an evening. Building walks need not be expensive. In England, there are walks through the edge of fields, along hillsides, over hills and dales with views. Their value is measured in tourist dollars. Tourism is one of Europe’s main industries.

Use what we have. We have resources here in this area like no other. The last thing we need is trash. That’s not my idea of progress. It’s time we got with the 21st century.

Esther Darlington

Ashcroft, B.C.


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