Letters to the Editor: Plastic bag ban an ‘easy feel-good fix’

Letters to the Editor: Plastic bag ban an ‘easy feel-good fix’

Plus there’s a real (Snow) Angel in Ashcroft.

Dear Editor,

My block of Government Street in Ashcroft across from the park has a Snow Angel who is here every time it snows. If there is ice he spreads an ice remover, all at his own cost.

Some of us are not able to clear away heavy snow, so his help is very much appreciated. Thank you, Ward Blake; you are definitely an Angel.

Vivian Edwards

Ashcroft, B.C.

Dear Editor,

Re: “Politicians pose on plastic bags” (The Journal, January 11): Tom Fletcher’s column about the “single use” plastic grocery bags is right on.

So politicians can ban merchants from supplying plastic bags for purchases and calling them a single-use bag. How many times is a plastic kitchen waste bag used? I think it would make more sense to ban kitchen waste bags.

Personally, I’d rather hear that politicians are tackling the never-talked-about masses of Styrofoam on our beaches and in our oceans. Take a walk around your local marina to see how many bazillion pieces of bite-sized Styrofoam you see floating around. Or walk on a beach; you’re pretty much guaranteed to see chunks of Styrofoam just waiting to break up.

Politicians talk about banning grocery bags because it’s an easy feel-good fix. Let’s get some action going about banning Styrofoam in our oceans.

Gloria Heisterman

Campbell River, B.C.

Dear Editor,

Thanks to Tom Fletcher for voicing opposition to the plastic bag ban.

With all the other more important ways of protecting the environment, a small minority chose banning plastic bags.

I am always running out of plastic bags because I use the bags I get to line my garbage bins. When shopping for groceries, most of the time I take my own bags, and when I forget I ask for a plastic bag.

I’m disappointed when given a paper bag, which I take home and recycle, whereas I would have re-used the plastic bag.

Christine Hume

Sidney, B.C.