Live theatre is very special

Reader says Swamp Pirate Zombies production was fantastic.

Dear Editor

The play that won hearts in the community last week, four performances that charmed and delighted hundreds, Swamp Pirate Zombies, proves yet again, that Ashcroft dearly loves a live play.

A cast of 22 of all ages took to the lights, and what resulted was a play of character and humor performed with exceptional vigor and originality.

From the producer, Nadine Davenport, to the director, the gifted Mavourneen Varcoe-Ryan, to those who set up the stage, lights and other equipment, to the design of the simple but totally appropriate stage setting, to the costuming and to the acting, words can’t really express the pleasure and pride we have in so much talent delivered so professionally.

But we thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And look forward with anticipation to the next production sponsored by Winding Rivers Arts and Performing Society (WRAPS).

Esther Darlington MacDonald, WRAP member