Local health care is only getting worse

Writer questions Interior Health statements that say health care is improving in the region.

Dear Editor

I am glad to see letters from our local people taking Interior Health to task about how they not doing anything to help local health care. (I was disgusted by I.H.’s letter in the May 14 copy of The Journal, which, I think, is typical of their propaganda.)

My experience with I.H. has been totally negative. My husband and I used to donate $500 every year toward the cost of things to improve the palliative care unit in our hospital (this in the beginning of the year 2000 and latter part of 1900s). We were told that I.H. was taking part of that money so we asked if we could buy something for the unit. The people in charge of palliative care said that wouldn’t help because they controlled everything in the unit and could do with it as they wished!

Then later, I.H. closed the surgery and sent all the equipment to Kamloops. Before that, the hospital delivered babies, set broken bones and did minor surgery, like appendectomies.

This is progress?!

Pat Baker