Lost pets need help

Pat Vandrishe appeals to the public to look out for lost pets.

Last month my dog went missing. I left the house in the morning, and she jumped six feet off the deck and landed on some sagebrush.

I arrived home seven hours later to discover she was gone, and searched the neighbourhood to no avail. The next day she was seen twice but no one attempted to catch her.

I’m writing this letter to, first, thank Morris for all his help and days of searching, as well as my girlfriend Kansas who came from Lillooet. I did put up posters with “Sassy’s” picture, but someone took them down. To that person I want to say “Shame on you”.

I also posted on Facebook, and people said that they would watch for her. Sadly, we never found her.

I am asking people that if you see a cat or dog that you haven’t seen around before, please try to catch them and call your local pound or dog catcher. I’m not sure if people know, but Mellita Van Tine is the dog catcher in Cache Creek, and Eddie Aie is the one to call in Ashcroft.

Thank you.

Pat Vandrishe

Cache Creek