Low income seniors will need a subsidy

Author calls on Council to help the neediest pay for their utilities if senior's discount is eliminated.

Dear Editor

I’m writing in regards to the proposed increase to water and sewage rates . I fully understand that there is a need for revenue. That that there needs to be increases. To drop the 25 per cent discount for seniors and increase their rates, is a double whammy! If my calculations are correct the increase over the five years will be 115 per cent. That is huge for many seniors, maybe some seniors are better off. What about the ones that aren’t, the ones on very small fixed incomes. Are we going to let them fall through the cracks!

I suggest that a mechanisms be put in place whereby people of low income could apply for subsidy.  Or keep the 25 per cent discount, and add an extra percentage to properties over $300,000. Then the fun would begin!

Joyce Buckland