Lt. Gov. visit to Ashcroft downplayed

Writer says Ashcroft snubbed by lack of Journal coverage.

Dear Editor

I’m sorry, but I really do feel the need to protest over your coverage of the Lt Governor’s visit to Ashcroft this week (as reported in The Journal, Jan. 31.

Although you mention Ashcroft in passing, most readers would, I suspect, be led to believe that this was a Cache Creek event. It was not. The Lt Governor also visited Ashcroft Village Office, the secondary school, where she gave a similar address to that given at Cache Creek Elementary and engaged students in a question an answer session, and the Ashcroft Museum. But nowhere is there more than an all-embracing mention of any of those.

I feel sure that, like myself, others take some pride from the fact that our remote village gets occasional recognition from the Provincial hierarchy. It would be nice if, in recognition of that, we weren’t sidelined in a single word.

Christopher Roden