MLA is doing an excellent job on local health care

Writer says she supports Ken Platz for his protest and MLA Jackie Tegart for her hard work.

Dear Editor

I support Ken Platz’ right and admire his dedication in reminding our current government that we need doctors.

On the other hand, I believe that our MLA, Jackie Tegart, is doing everything within her power to get doctors for Ashcroft and district. I think that most people in Ashcroft are aware that Jackie cares deeply for the area she is representing. In fact, if Harry Lali had been elected, he would have been in an even worse position than Jackie.

I know when you enter politics you are open to all kinds of flack; still I think we can keep our government alert to the facts without doubting our own MLA’s sincerity and earnest endeavour on our behalf.

Lois Petty