More bingo players needed

Ten players not enough

Dear Editor

First of all I would like to thank the 10 players who showed up Wednesday,  Sept. 14 at the Legion basement to support the Navy League and Sea Cadets. Unfortunately, due to there only being 10 players, it was not feasible for us to operate our Bingo that evening and we had to cancel. We will be holding Bingo the second Wednesday of each month providing we have a minimum attendance of 20 players. If we cannot have at least that amount there, we will again have to cancel. Repeated lack of interest will force us to cancel indefinitely.

Please come and support us and bring your friends, the more players, the bigger the prize payouts. Next Bingo Oct. 12, doors open at 5:30 first game at 6:30.

Patty Newman


Navy League of Canada, Ashcroft Branch