No smooth sailing for BC Ferries

Revenues are down

We sure like to whine in Canada, don’t we?

Last week, BC Ferries was complaining that traffic is down and so is revenue.

Considering this government’s policies over the past decade, it’s a wonder that companies like BC Ferries hasn’t come up with a way to eliminate the customers and just bring in revenue.

Messy, smelly, demanding people.

But I digress. BC Ferries’ head guy says all of the tourists are going south because gas is cheaper and you can buy more of everything.

So, the revenue that should be going into his coffers is going to the US instead because it’s better for shoppers.

Less traffic on the ferries has nothing – NOTHING – to do with increased ferry costs, the long waits to board at times or just the simple unreliability of the ferries to run when and where they’re supposed to.

Foot traffic on the ferries has gone up, but taking on pedestrians doesn’t really make much revenue.

Gas prices have tripled since 2003, and I can sympathize with that. We’ve all taken that hit. If only wages increased to accommodate that rise in an essential commodity, that would be nice. But they didn’t.

We don’t have much access to the ferries here in the Interior, but when you live on an island without a bridge, they’ve got to be an essential service.

My oldest brother is moving to Vancouver Island any day now, so it doesn’t take a crystal ball to see a few ferry rides in my future.

I look forward to supporting our ferry service more in the coming years. But why do I have the feeling there’s another big fare increase coming up?

Wendy Coomber is editor of the Ashcroft-Cache Creek Journal