No wellness in backyard burning

Writer things banning backyard burning would help Ashcroft live up to its "Wellness" brand.

To the Ashcroft Village Council

Is it possible to re-think your policy on Backyard Burning within village boundaries? It seems to be a contradiction in regards to promoting our village as “Wellness” etc.

When we first moved to MacLeod Lane we had this burning barrel which we used only once because we got a phone call from one of our neighbors telling us that the smoke was coming right into her living room. We felt very bad and respected her wishes.

Now during the month of April we endure smoke from around our neighborhood. It seeps into the house and can make us very uncomfortable. When I do my run or bike along the slough road, some days the smoke makes it very difficult to get fresh air. Sometimes CN or CP track side burning just adds to the pollution. Heaven forbid if the fire season is busy as there seems to be no break from smoke.

It is not too late to change the policy for this year. Thank you for trying to keep Ashcroft well.

Maria Russell Martin