No word of heritage train

Ashcroft trains

Dear Editor

Today, July 13th, my friend and I noticed and CPR vintage passenger train stopped by the Heritage Park downtown. We rushed over to see why it was here.

We were told that it was the Children’s Wish Foundation Charity Train Ride travelling from Vancouver to Calgary. They told us that Ashcroft was the only stop they had had so far that no one was getting on. They were disappointed.

They said that they had sent information to the Mayor, Museum and Media in all the small towns along the way. They told us that we could have gotten on at North Bend and ridden to here or from here to Kamloops, or all the way to Calgary. The money would have gone to the Wish Fund.

We were very annoyed that we hadn’t heard anything about this. Let’s hope next year that the information is made available ahead of time so train enthusiasts can particiapate.

Rhonda Hanson and Martha Labadie