Not comfortable with Wellness

An Ashcroft resident argues against the Wellness branding.

To the Editor,

I am writing in response to Susan Allam’s letter in the Aug. 7 edition of the Journal (“Few signs of wellness in Village”). Her views regarding the wellness logo seem to represent a high percentage of visitors, as well as the majority of people who live in Ashcroft. It is very unfortunate indeed that the small group in the community who are trying their best to promote this foolish wellness brand, just do not get the message that people are not comfortable with it at all.

If this group continues with their “We know what’s best for you attitude”, I hate to think of the harm this could do to the community by keeping people away instead of being a positive attraction. This is the last thing Ashcroft needs.

I do hope the branding committee will see their error and act accordingly before it is too late. To quote Susan Allam, what happened to the old “Historic Ashcroft”?

Bob Rankin

Ashcroft, BC