Not their responsibility to warn customers

Internet Service Provider should inform customers that scammer is using its name, says reader.

Dear Editor

Last Friday I received numerous emails that said they were from Coppervalley Cable! These emails said that Coppervalley was doing some security upgrades and to ensure uninterrupted service, I was to submit my Password and email address.

Now, to most people this is an obvious scam. However, just like the perpetual “inheritance” scam and the “Nigerian money transfer” scam among others, there is a possibility that some would respond and give the information.

So, I phoned Coppervalley 250-837-5246 and asked them if they were aware of this scam and inquired why they had not warned their subscribers. The response was “It is not our responsibility to advise our subscribers”!

It seems to me that, since they are purporting to send the email from Coppervalley Cable and since it is obviously going to all Coppervalley subscribers they have a moral responsibility to immediately advise their subscribers that it is not from them. The scammers were able to do a mass mailing to Coppervalley subscribers so presumably it would be just as easy for Coppervalley to do so.

Terry Heinemann

Cache Creek