Now is the time for new water plant

A reader writes to agree with the letter from former mayor Andy Anderson about Ashcroft's need for a new water treatment plant.

Dear Editor,

I totally concur with the comments of former mayor Andy Anderson, re: the long-term plan for better and safer water for residents of Ashcroft (“Letters to the Editor”, June 9). The quality (lack of) of our water was being discussed by Ashcroft council in the 1990s and had to be improved. With the multi-million dollar grant to improve the safety and quality of our water, now is the time to do it and move on.

I believe the cost works out to 20.5 cents per day for the average taxpayer. This upgrade to our water system will negate ever having to boil our drinking water again, and will certainly support the locating of people to this area if they know that the water is safe.

Our travel/medical insurance costs my wife Heather and I 82 cents per day; and this insurance looked after my U.S. hospital bill of $580,564.17 last year when I became sick. For 20.5 cents per day, this is great insurance for the cleanest of safe water. Failure to support our council with this plan will result in being told by the Government of B.C. and Interior Health to build the treatment plant, perhaps with no grant.

Bill Hacock

Taxpayer and

former councillor