Old pipeline needs replacing

Writer asks whether trucking oil will be safer than replacing the 60 year old KinderMorgan pipeline.

Dear editor

What Adrian Dix needs to think about He shouldn’t be making irresponsible statements to get votes

The KinderMorgan pipeline is over 60 years old. It needs to be replaced.

This pipeline carries most of the Fuel that is used to fuel all of the cars, trucks, ferries, boats and airplanes in Vancouver and most of BC and on Vancouver Island, gas stations, truck stops, marinas and airports.

If the pipeline isn’t replaced the fuel will need to brought from Alberta by railway and trucks. Is this safer than a pipeline?

Vancouver needs more fuel than 60 years ago, therefore maybe the new pipeline needs to be a little larger.

There may be some fuel shipped offshore. Is that so bad? The pipeline technology and safety is much better than 60 years ago.

Should Adrian really be against the pipeline just to get votes or should he wake up and be more honest?

Paul Whitehead

Thompson River Estates