Pipeline and landfill remarks way off base

Author takes exception to Esther Darlington MacDonald's statements

Dear Editor

I had to forward this comment to you because two of the issues Esther wrote about last issue (June 27, Cakewalk Chronicles) are so wrong that I had to let you know. If she is going to write about something, she should make sure her facts are right before she does.

Her article about the need for the replacement of the KinderMorgan Pipeline is way off base. I worked for Chevron Head Office in Vancouver for 36 years and if she would like to listen, I can tell her why the pipeline must be replaced as the original pipeline was installed 60 years ago.

Re: “Incinerators and the Cache Creek Land Fill” – I am a member of the Landfill Commission and do inspections at the Landfill. I can tell you that Wastech does a great, thankless job and should be given credit not criticism. The open active area of the landfill is now very small and there is very seldom any odour. The life of the landfill was extended because Metro Vancouver needs it.

If no more waste was added, the landfill would generate enough gas for Hydro to supply Cache Creek and Ashcroft with Hydro Electric power with some left over for the next 25 years. Is this bad for the environment or should Hydro build some more dams instead?

Sorry to be so long winded but the articles hit a nerve.

PS. The railcars in Quebec have exploded since I wrote this letter. Do we want more railcars in BC going through all the small towns or should we replace the pipeline? Much safer.

Paul Whitehead

Area I