Pit bull wouldn’t harm anyone

Author is angry that people make generalizations about pit bulls.

Dear Editor

Re: Lori Welbourne’s pit bull column, Dec. 10.

I have an 11 year old. He is my friend, protector and security officer.

He is friendly, saved a litter of kittens from starvation and protected his friend when a german shepherd was about to attack. Nemo stood up and grabbed the dog by the throat and held him there until his aggression was gone. When he released him of his own accord, not one drop of blood was spilled. Now his friends were in their late 70s and 80s.

I challenge you to check Nemo out, ask the vet and his neighbours for yourself, but ones like you will only write negatively about the breed and never give them any credit for good. The so called owner of the breed in your article should be charged with murder since they chose the dog as a weapon. To get that aggression, they abused, disrespected and mistreated them so that they end up with no choice but to protect themselves.

Nemo gets along with all dogs from the size of his head to great danes.

Nemo would rather you for a friend than lunch. Nemo is trustworthy and he has free run 24/7.

Stan Saari

16 Mile