Poster removal in Loon Lake causes a flap

Author reminds club secretary that sticking posters on community mailboxes is a federal offense.

Dear Editor

Loon Lake residents recently received a notice in our new group mail boxes signed by “the secretary” of a local club, stating that they were experiencing “continuous” removal of their notices taped to the sides of the new mailboxes.

The notice stated that the club has a number of other places where they also post their information and they would focus on using these legal means to communicate to the residents.

If they feel their plant sales, dinners or other projects aren’t well received in the wider community then perhaps it has more to do with the recent disrespect and intolerance the club has shown towards the community at Loon Lake.

Either way it would behove “the secretary” to take note that there are signs on our new group mail boxes which state “No notices, stickers or graffiti. Violators will be prosecuted.”

Posting notices in the way that has been done is not only vandalism, it detracts from the appearance of the community and the roadside and should be stopped. Canada Post has also informed me that they would prefer us to pay for their services and don’t agree with other usages of their property.

Targeting individuals for removing the clubs postings, which flap in the wind from the sides of the mail boxes in the 2100 block is out of place.

Such action should instead be thanked as it serves to save the club from being prosecuted by Canada Post and maintains an attractive appearance along the road.

And for that, you are welcome.

It is also the job of the letter carrier to remove all posting from the private property of Canada Post letter boxes.

Denice Hart

Loon Lake