Protester has already made an impact

The author defends the right of private citizens to peaceful demonstration and expressing their frustration in their own way.

Dear Editor

Reading The Journal issue of Aug. 27 I was shocked to see the letter criticizing the efforts of Ken Platz who is only exercising his right of freedom of expression in a democratic society. His dedication to the cause resulted in the creation of a petition of over 100 signatures which was submitted to the Minister of Health over two weeks ago; to date no response has been received.

Since his vigil has not impeded pedestrian or automotive traffic and he has not resorted to the use of a loudspeaker to convey his message, how can this passive demonstration be regarded as “confrontational”?

While we are well aware of the good work being done by the Wellness and Health Action Coalition, and endorse it, this does not prohibit other concerned residents from expressing their frustration in their own way.

Jake Eckardt