Public looking for answers

Author says lots of questions asked at health care meeting, not many answers given.

Dear Editor

Well, we got a peek at the new doctors  last night. (Wed., Nov. 25) in a community hall packed with people from the area.

They were briefly introduced by our MLA Jackie Tegart. Neither doctor spoke to the audience, or, if they did, were not heard.

However, at the end of the meeting a number of people stood in line to speak (welcome?) to them.

Who we did hear from were several young women who introduced themselves as ‘managers’ of health care in the region. A region from the Chilcotin country (that’s north west of Williams Lake) to Lytton, Lillooet, Ashcroft, Clinton. Details about the function of the managers wasn’t given.

It was made clear that the new medical resources envisioned for our communities was quite separate from our medical clinic in Ashcroft. We were told that clinic was a ‘private clinic’, and had nothing to do with the new program. Again, details were lacking about what the new program entailed.

People had travelled from communities beyond Ashcroft to get information specific to their needs.  Unfortunately, the specifics were lacking. I’m sure they returned with little more information than they had when they came.

As one person remarked, ‘We seem to have the generals, but no army’. Anyway, the impression is, that the bureaucracy of health care is alive and well.

Why not outline the health care plan for us? Tell us what we can expect. How we are to be served? If not in the Ashcroft Clinic, where? I wonder how many left the Community Hall in Ashcroft that evening no wiser than they were when they came?

Esther Darlington MacDonald