Ranchers brace for PST return

Rancher Dave Chutter says getting rid of the HST was stupid. He wants the government to make agriculture PST-exempt.

Dear Editor

As you likely know, the NDP made a foolish and costly mistake in getting rid of the HST, a form of tax that all of the many non-partisan experts said was in the best interest of British Columbians including more jobs and a better future for our kids. As well, it is costing you and I, as taxpayers, $1.6 billion that must be returned to the feds and multi millions of dollars in a provincial bureaucracy to collect the PST. Dumb!

We ranchers and farmers now have to deal with increased costs in the form of the PST – a $15 to $20 million annual hit to BC farmers. We know from the past that the NDP is all about increasing taxes and spending our kids’ future in the form of dramatically increased debt, but it is ironic that the NDP can increase our taxes even when not in power!

I will ask our MLA, Harry Lali, to bring this to the attention of his colleagues and lobby to exclude agriculture from all PST, not just the few exemptions. Or, better still, go back to the HST to improve the economy and offer a brighter future for our kids and get $1.6 billion for health care and education!

Dave Chutter