Reader didn’t understand points

Esther Darlington MacDonald rebuts criticism of her column.

Dear Editor

Re Mr. Whitehead’s letter of July 18 replying to my opinions in Cakewalk Chronicles about pipelines and garbage.

I have long advocated the methane produced at the Cache Creek landfill be used for hydro electric purposes, instead of being burned off. And I’ve written in past years at least a couple of letters to the editor of the Journal about this.

As for the Kinder Morgan pipe line, I made no mention of Kinder Morgan. My reference was written in general terms about pipelines in general.

Incinerators and the Cache Creek landfill are two different subjects altogether.

My remarks about incineration came as a result of news items that GVRD is now looking for sites in the interior to incinerate their garbage. Because the Lower Mainland’s opposition was so great, GVRD is looking for somewhere else to incinerate, and that somewhere else could be in the Thompson Nicola regional district.

If reading is a skill. And we will all agree that it is. Reading with understanding is surely a requisite. In fairness to the writers. If for no other reason.

Esther Darlington MacDonald